SANKOM was founded in 2003 in Switzerland and specializes in the development of health and weight management programs.

The SANKOM programs are based on advanced scientific concepts and are supported by innovative high-quality consumer goods. Each of the cutting-edge products is protected internationally by utility and design patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

A team of experienced medical doctors and prominent fashion designers lead the SANKOM functional wear division, creating products that have both health benefits and are aesthetically flattering on the body.

SANKOM holds a unique portfolio of patents that are successfully marketed worldwide and have won series of prestigious international awards.

The latest groundbreaking inventions are SANKOM® Patent Bra (Multivectoral Posture Brassiere) and SANKOM® Patent Shaper (Restorative Biomechanical Body Balancing Shapewear) have received global recognition and tremendous success among consumers as well as the professional medical community.

SANKOM has a daughter companies/representations offices in 5 continents and successfully distributed its innovative patented products to over 95 countries worldwide.